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The Mentor Teacher Brother Program (M.T.B.)

The 2009 Annual Mentor Teacher Brother Mock Trial Mentor

Teacher Brother INC.

Email: dimetr@wowway.com

Mentor Teacher Brother Inc. is requesting donations totaling 25,000 to support the Mentor Teacher Brother mentoring program. We are currently remodeling our new facility to provide excellent programming for our mentees.  Mentor Teacher Brother Inc. has a strong focus on mentoring with local schools on in Chicago. The mentoring program helps African American young men ages 12-19 work through social issues, improve academics and adjust to life's many changes in a positive manner.

There is a large amount of African American males in Chicago attending high schools who are not maximizing their efforts toward achieving success. Many have been deterred from success due to a single parent family, lack of resources or just simply not having anyone around who has the knowledge to guide them to their goal. There have been numerous youth related crimes committed the last few years as a result of the lack of community outreach. Mentor Teacher Brother Inc. has established group mentoring and individual programs to assist in teaching life skills, tutoring sessions, and one on one relationships. These efforts help the adolescents learn good study habits, and participate in healthy productive relationships that foster positive behavior. We move students toward independence in applying to colleges or pursuing a trade of their choice.  We help our mentees to become acclaimated with the post secondary insitute in which they have been accepted. Our company’s key niche is to be entertaining to the students. This done in the form of plays, singing, poetry and music that address many issue they may have. We encourage these forms as a positive emotional outlet. Our efforts reduce juvenile delinquency, improves students’ mental health and encourages community development.

Mentor Teacher Brother Inc. has a staff composed of community members who have achieved success as lawyers, correctional officers, principals, psychologists, policemen, teachers, and social workers. Their experiences are great and they wish to guide the next generation towards the success they have achieved.

We have gained great recognition for our annual mock trial competition. Mentees from 13 different schools have participated in the program and have taken a step towards becoming a lawyer. This is out sponsored event and it grows every year.    

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