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The Idiots of Hip Hop

     Hip-hop is well known throughout the world. It

 makes us laugh and it makes us cry. Now it is 

however it is making us cry more than ever. If you 

came from back in the days, hip-hop was strong, and 

meaningful. They had the verse, styles and they had 

respect. Even the baddest gangster, the wickedest 

drug dealer and the guy who just didn't give a 

sh....took the time to band together to keep The 

Outsiders from manipulating the culture. Nowadays 

we got so many idiots on the mic. Keep your child in 

the yard until they grown. I mean really take a good 

listen at this. If talent was the most important factor in 

hip hop you would not see one third of the people you 

see now as artists/producers. You see it's not just 

about Talent it's about who  or what they can 

manipulate. You just got too many people who are 

idiots.They slovenly shameless humans are creating 

others in their image. We are letting people who have 

less than a third grade education manipulate Society. 

It's not just that they have no moral obligation. They 

promote sexual perversions, lack of education, and 

the basic I don't give a f-ck attitude which get more 

black people killed than anybody. The biggest 


with this is that we have allowed it. Numerous artist 

have shut their mouth. There's a link with this music 

and the success of children in school. What we don't 

understand is the music is a program. The Hip Hop 

we hear nowadays is a manttra of mischief. It is idiot 

and making children simple minded. Children are 

listening to this music constantly through their 

parents. The parents themselves have already spent 

generation on music that's corrupted their morals. 

As a result education is not a major concern. I refer 

not only to the education in school but also the 

wisdom you acquire through experience. Sex is being 

experimented by children at a young age at an all-time

 high thanks to the degradation of women.

     Most artists are black. Most rappers are looked up 

to as role models by these parents and children. Most 

people do not know that the roles played buy some 

actors in rap is just for money. They think this is real 

life. They become trapped in a real Matrix created but

 people who they worship as gods. Of course if you do

 not know any better your think this reality. History is 

how things change. It is how people are programmed 

we cannot let hip hop be left in the hands of those who

 are using it as a tool to manipulate people.If we do 

not claim it back the legacy will be one of ignorance. 

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