Hip Hop Resurrects

Raw Hip Hop,

Information about the functioning of urban schools is needed. Parents and community members can read this book and get an idea of the gravity of the situation. Guest teachers can learn what they can expect when filling in for teachers to become better informed. Community members and others not fully aware of what is happening in the school system can read this book. Hopefully, by bringing this information to light, we can render support and services to improve the districts. This book serves as an informative look at education. The uninformed will be informed. Learn the name of the legislation that was created years ago that still guides our schools to this day. Many people have no idea how schools operate. This book destroys that myth that everything that is going wrong in the school system is due to the teacher's inability to run a classroom. The things that plague our children outside of the classroom often spill over into the classroom. You will have an aha moment. This book breaks everything down. This is what you need to know about the school system. These memoirs will motivate you to learn more.

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